"Cindy was a warm and friendly person, who helped to support me through a particularly difficult phase in my life. She was able to listen and help me work through thoughts and feelings, as well as offering and helping me to practice some practical techniques that were useful to my specific issues at the time and also further down the line. I found her commitment to our sessions very reassuring, both in the interest she took in understanding my struggles and the preparation she brought with her to the sessions as well. The space she gave me really was invaluable."


"Cindy is very caring and supportive. Her sessions were always delivered at a pace I found comfortable. I always felt that I could draw a close on a subject if I felt I needed to.
She guided me throughout my time with her. She did not carry me, but gave me the awareness and tools to think for myself and about myself. She made me re-evaluate my relationships with friends, family and colleagues but most importantly with myself.
She contributed greatly to positive change in me & my behaviour."


"I first came to see Cindy as a result of a painful relationship break up and the first thing that was apparent was how relaxed and at ease she made me feel.
Prior to meeting Cindy, I had several initial consultations with other counsellors, just to see if I felt comfortable talking with them. Despite the other counsellors being warm and professional, I didn't feel as though I would connect with them in the same way that I would with Cindy. That was my initial motivation for choosing Cindy as my counsellor.
I saw Cindy for a period of several months and benefited enormously. She was a great listener and gave me many tools and ideas to work with, many of which I would write down in my journal as a reference.
I couldn't recommend Cindy enough. She has a way about her that makes it easy for you to share your thoughts and emotions. It is not easy finding the right counsellor and in Cindy, I found the right counsellor."

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