Support for suffers of Post Natal Depression

I offer individual counselling for women suffering with Post natal Illness, and also facilitate groups.

Postnatal depression is a mental health illness which affects about 10 % of mothers who have recently given birth. The depression often (but not always) starts after the mother has left hospital and been discharged by the midwife.

Postnatal depression has many symptoms. Most mothers who have the illness find that they are less able to cope with the demands of the baby and of the home. Some mothers feel very despondent. They may feel very sad and cry frequently. Some mothers feel anxious and fearful, they worry about their own health and that of the baby. They may suffer from panic attacks and feel tense and irritable all the time. Most depressed mothers feel tired and lack energy often they feel unable to concentrate and they find even simple tasks are confusing and demand too much energy.

Some mothers experience pains for which there is no cause (other than tension and anxiety), many suffer difficulty in sleeping and poor appetite. Many depressed mothers lose interest in sex.

A depressed mother may suffer from many or all of the symptoms mentioned, although this list is far from comprehensive. Most mothers who have this illness feel guilty that they are not 'coping' as they feel they should be.

A mother suffering with Post Natal Depression may also feel that she is not bonding with her baby as she should, and this can be a source of extreme stress and anxiety for everyone concerned.

I offer and facilitate support and information groups for women suffering with
either Ante or Post-Natal Depression.

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