Play Therapy is a very useful therapeutic tool for children.

Children may have psychological issues just as adults have and so I offer a space in which they can address their problems, albeit in a different way from the way that I work with adult clients.

Young children may be unable to verbalise their feelings and emotions. In some cases they will not have the vocabulary to even know themselves what their feelings of sadness, anger or frustration may be. 

When a child is in a counselling setting with me, there are not the restrictions that are placed upon them at all other times in the school or home environment.  With some children the very fact that I am willing to join in with their play or just listen to them in a non judgemental way when they require me to do so, makes me different from the other adults of their experience.

By being with the child as she plays, joining in as and when she wants me to, and reflecting back to her what I see and feel in the room, I am able to create a safe environment in which the child is able to continue to explore her feelings. The feeling of being in a safe place can happen even without the child’s real understanding of the process. Given the relationship that is established between the child and myself, they feel enabled to play out or talk through feelings that they have been unable to express before.

For a introduction to Play Therapy, please click on the link below which is from: - the British Association of Play Therapists.

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